Welcome to St. Philomena's Pre-School


“If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of you own mind” K. Gibran.

Thanks to the interest shown by the community, our numbers have grown and if we have to gauge from feedback from the community, this will continue.

The management committee, which consists of dedicated parents and staff, continue to do sterling work. Discussions on how we can improve the learning environment of the children are held at regular meetings. Parents meetings held four times a year to provide feedback on projects, as well as to discuss challenges, continue to be well attended.

Parent’s involvement, as well as their continuous support is an indication to us that they have embraced the school and the vision we have adopted.

During 2010 we enrolled a total of 43 children. We continue to have 3 groups, viz; red group 3 years, orange group 4 years and Grade R – 5 years. Gauging from our increase in enrolment at the beginning of 2011, there is every indication that we will reach our target of 60 children at the beginning of 2012.

At the beginning of this year, we sadly had to bid farewell to one of our educators. Cecelia Prins, after years of giving selflessly of her time and energy to our children and the school decided that she would take early retirement. We thank her for her dedication, commitment and hard work over the years, and we wish her well.

We welcome our new teacher, Faith Drabble, who comes to us with a wealth of experience. We trust that she will inject our school with the positive energy and experience she brings with her.

The following projects were undertaken in 2010 and were completed.

*Purchase of a flat screen TV and DVD player which are installed in a secure lock up cupboard.

*Purchase of 4 computers and software installed.

*Erecting a concrete slab on the right side of the building with the intention of creating an outside learning/playing area.

*Purchase of a trampoline.

*Improvement of security by hightening the front wall and painting a mural on the outside.

The following projects have been discussed and are work in progress.

*Demolishing the balustrade at the entrance and erecting a solid wall.

*Erecting an awning/cover over the concrete slab.

*Purchase of outdoors tables and chairs.

*Improvement and heightening of the perimeter wall on the right to create an area for children to paint murals.

*Purchase of a jungle gym.

*Erection of a wall dividing the children’s play area from the driveway.

*Cleaning the façade of the building.

*Installing more toilets and hand basins.

*Repairs and tiling of floors.

All the projects require funding, and whilst the management committee is doing a fine job of raining funds, we are still in need of the support of the greater community.

Our calendar, apart from the dedicated teaching, consists of the following activities.

*Excursions/outings once a term.

*Swimming lesions ( at a fee and optional)

*Sports Day

*Annual School Dance (fundraiser)

We have not forgotten the bursary fund. We still believe that there are parents who cannot afford the fees, and we are committed to engaging with interested parties and stakeholders in setting up such a fund.

As we progress through yet another year, we are grateful for the strength given us to continue the good work, for it is only by His grace that we are able to do so.

We thank the Board of Management for their ongoing support, the community for your interest and support, the management committee for dedication and energy, and the staff for their dedication, commitment and sterling work.

God bless.




St. Philomena's Pre-Primary school is a well known educational establishment which has been running for the past 30 years.  Our Mission statement is as follows:

"St. Philomena's is committed to quality education, by Maintaining a high standard and developing each child  holisically in a safe and caring environment".

There are 45 children in the school at present with ages raging from 3 years to 6 years old.  e 3 groups are divided as follows:

* Grade R

* Grade 00

* Grade 000

We offer half and full day programmes.  Programs offered are School Readiness, Theme Learning, Computer Lessons, Montessori. All programmes cover the three learning areas namely, Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills.

We have theme days once a month where the children dress up according to the theme.  We also have sports Day and one outing per term as well as End of year concert and graduation.

There are two extra mural activities that are offered by the follow:  Pottery by Hope Farm and swimming by Pisces Swimming Academy.



GRADE 00 - Orange Group

Grade 00 is also called Orange Group

They are Children from 3 to 5 years old.


GRADE R - Blue Group

Grade R is also called Blue group.

They are Children from 5 to 6 years old.


GRADE 000 - Red Group

Grade 000 is also called red Group

They are Children up to 3 years old.